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Synopsis Nini Thowok ( 2018 ) HD Mp4 360p 720p

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    After the death of his grandmother , Nadine (Natasha Wilona) gets the legacy of Mekar Jiwo inn in Solo. Nadine and her sister, Naya ( Nicole Rossi) , have to move to Solo to manage the inn because Eyang Marni (Jajang C Noer) advised that the inn not to be closed or sold . Nadine ’ s parents had died several years ago in a car accident . The long – deserted Inn has one empty room that should not be opened . Nobody even knows where the key is stored . At the inn Nadine has some strange happenings. Nadine is convinced that it must have something to do with the forbidden room . Nadine is desperate to open the forbidden room despite being banned by Mbok Girah ( Ingrid Widjanarko ) and Pak Rahmat (Slamet Ambari ), trusted employees of Eyang Marni. Inside the room she finds a painting of Chinese woman and nini thowok doll . Later she knows that the first owner of the inn was Mrs Oey (Gesata Stella), the woman in the painting . The mystical terror continues . Nadine finds out what happened there dozens of years ago . Finally Nadine finds the answer : there was an unfinished business during Mrs Oey ’s life.

    ■ Title: Nini Thowok ( 2018 )
    ■ Genre: Horror
    ■ Durasi: 75 menit
    ■ Tahun Rilis: 2018
    ■ Country: Indonesia
    ■ Source: Layarfilm
    ■ Subtitle: Indonesia


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